Iska Rock Riot

Best new Rock Music from artists all over the world

1. I Believe
by Eddy Monrow

2. Skyscraping
by Colonel Frozen

3. Castles in the Air
by Alaska Range

4. Opener
by Free Love Junction

5. She Is so Fine
by Gentlemen of Rock 'n' Roll

6. The Old Lady (Seems to Be Lonely)
by Gregor Daniel

7. Ich will Sex [Explicit] (Metal Mix)
by Pia Magnet

8. Days to Remember
by Waits

9. Rock Me Baby
by Jessica Born

10. Cold Outside
by Alfers & Anneken

11. Out of Space
by Blackbox Zero

12. Clock on the Wall
by David Barratt

13. Resurrection
by Black n´Rouge

14. Cold as Ice
by Plusedion

15. Gimme Some Loving
by The Bow

15. Friendly Fire
by The Yogy

17. Mr. Mistaken

18. Behind the Scenes
by Electric Acid

19. Dagon
by Wendigo

20. Blue Ice
by Luca Altomare

21. Broken Glasses (Live)
by Cunz

22. Legalize Crime
by Marc Vanderberg feat. Paulo Cuevas

23. Smoky Chamber
by Acrospire

24. Summer Vibe
by Lauryn Mark

25. Dat Funkeleed
by Claudia Roland

26. By Your Side
by DS Hammer

27. Once as a Child
by Johnny Neon

28. Lean on Me
by VoiceU