Music Promotion Package

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Effectively promote your music with Iska Music and get following benefits :

1. Compilation CD (Mixtape) - Iska Riot - Download Sample
2. Artist's profile page - View Sample
3. Artist's card - - Download Sample
4. Worldwide play on Iska Radio -
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6. Worldwide play on Iska Soundcloud playlist (including worldwide IRC identity) - Play Sample
5. Video insert on Iska TV - View Sample
7. Video inclusion on Iska Youtube channel
8. Invitation to perform at Iska Riot music events

Promotion Package Available To Artists From All Over The World

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I submit the song(s) to Iska Music, trading as xceedia limited, on non-exclusive terms, to be used in both of any of the following :
• Radio Airplay
• Promotional CD compilation release featuring several artists
I understand that, by submitting my music, I agree to the following terms and conditions:
- I shall receive no royalties from promotional CD compilation sales being primarily published to showcase independent talent.
- I shall receive no royalties from radio airplay, being primarily played to showcase and promote independent talent.
- I understand that the promotional CD compilation may be promoted by Iska Music via all major online digital distributors including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Napster. I understand that I may similarly promote my titles alongside on the same channels.
- I understand that the promotion will be for a period of no more than two (2) years after which all of my effect will be removed from all sales and promotion channels of Iska Music.
- I understand that the promotion arrangement shall not be renewable after expiry of this period.
- I understand that Iska Music, associates, affiliates, business partners, will not be held responsible under a lawsuit for copyright infringement for samples and previously contracted work not cleared by me
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